Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Excitement of a New Issue . . .

There's nothing that thrills me quite like having boxes of fresh issues heaved onto my desk. Yesterday, the object of my excitement was volume 2, issue 4--the eighth offering from this little journal that could. Seeing the copies tucked snuggly inside their boxes inspires a feeling within me akin to seeing one's presents sprawled across the floor for the first time on Christmas morning. Just as I worried over the JC Penney Christmas catalog as a child, carefully circling toys I hoped to receive as gifts, I think about every upcoming issue for months before it arrives at the office. We shape it in to being--carefully reading submissions, pondering the layout, arguing (lightly) over grammar and syntax--until we are exhausted. Then, we wait. And wait. Until one day, there is a knock on the office door, and the pages are suddenly before us, crisp as new dollar bills.

In this issue, we have a thought-provoking review of the recent Francesca Woodman retrospective at the SF MOMA and Guggenheim, as well as enchanting mixed media art by  Theresa Hackett. There is also a really fantastic short story by Tin House Books author Karen Lee Boren, among other great pieces. So, make your friends jealous and pick up a copy at our website.

Have a grand day!

Lindsay Shadwell
Managing Editor
WomenArts Quarterly Journal

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